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Put Down Ze Coconut!

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GAAAAAAZZZZZZ 29 juil 2004 @ 08:59
One day i saw this little bird, and the little bird said "i want you dead" so i figured as a a death threat and took the bird to court. Little did i know the bird was naked so i got arressted for animal porn O_o;;
Humeur actuelle: awake
Musique actuelle: PoopCycles - Weezer

Promoting 29 juil 2004 @ 08:31
I'm promoting this here

Humeur actuelle: angryangry
Musique actuelle: Smashing Pumpkins - Hummer.mp3

heyhey 29 juil 2004 @ 00:59
Name: Jeffrey
Age: 18
Occupation: yuo giev ehss oh jay???1
anything else: i'm in the club
Humeur actuelle: depresseddepressed
Musique actuelle: Green Day - Haushinka.mp3

-_- 12 juil 2004 @ 08:32
cecil hates me. this community is doOmed

well guys 02 juil 2004 @ 23:05
Heres the latest Cecil Frenchi update:
Cecil is going to build a spaceship full of yarn on tuesday so he can come to America to visit us!! i cant wait!!! after cecil comes we're going to have a tea party under the electrical tower!! OMG CANT WAIT!
Humeur actuelle: geeky
Musique actuelle: Nirvana - Polly
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