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Je nouvelle - Put Down Ze Coconut!

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Previous Entry Je nouvelle 15 oct 2004 @ 22:42 Next Entry
1) Have you ever been to France?
No. But I am learning french so I can move there and get away from this horrible country that makes me want to heave.
2) Parlez-Vous francais?
Very very little. I am first year french (first term first month really) and during class I want to cry cause everyone understands it better then I do and behind me all the kids that took french in high school sit and roll their eyes and shake their heads when I don't say the right thing. I want to scream at them "You just treat me like shit cause I'm better looking then you and you are bitter! You will always be a geek, goddamnit! Knowing more then me will never change that. You are emotionally still in high school! I never went so I didn't have the chance to take french for three years so fuck you!"
3) What's your favorite thing about France?
They dress a hell of a lot better and arnt so damn puritan about everything.
4) Favorite Band?
Noir Desir
5) Hobbies? Name a Few: I fence Italian classical (I know why not french right? I'm sorry to say Itialian is better as far as foil goes. It's a real tragedy).
6) Play an instruments? I used to play acoustic guitar when I was 12 but I haven't picked one up in years. I hope to buy a new one and start playing again one day.
Name Wren
Age 21
Date of Birth July 2 1983
Hair colour black (really a redish blond but I dye it. It looks better dark and I can't stand brown hair)
Eye colour grey
Height 5'1 (with shoes. Ha)
Bush-Good or Bad I will run the chimp out of office so help me god.
Abortion-Pro-choice, Pro-Birth Pro choice all the way. if you don;t agree with it don;t do it but others should have the choice to do what they will with their own body.
Gay Marriage-Yay or Nay Yay. As my mother says "There is no reason gay people shouldn't be just as miserable as straight people".
Humeur actuelle: pessimisticpessimistic
Musique actuelle: Nick cave and the Bad Seeds
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Date:le 04 avril 2005 14:29 (UTC)
QUOTE: "You just treat me like shit cause I'm better looking then you and you are bitter! You will always be a geek, goddamnit! "

Im sorry, but from the rest of your post you seem a reasonable person, but those couple of lines make you seem like a complete up-urself bitch! You stereotype thinking you are automatically better than other people because you think you are better looking at them. It is true that its not ur fault you didnt previously learn french at your highschool, butif they have all learnt it before, they may just be a little pissed off that you may be holding them back or w/e. And quite frankly, from this quoted section of your post, you seem like a stereotpyical american bimbo.
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