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RESURECTION - Put Down Ze Coconut!


Previous Entry RESURECTION 15 oct 2004 @ 22:47 Next Entry

1) Have you ever been to France? No, but I'm going over the summer for ten days in Paris ^_^
2) Parlez-Vous francais? oui je parle francais. je suis un trosieieme (pfft spell) ane. (see i am teh sux)
3) What's your favorite thing about France? The people, food, places, lights...so much.
4) Favorite Band? weezer, kill hannah, thursday
5) Hobbies? Name a Few: French, photography, making movies, staying out late and drinking coffee.
6) Play an instruments? Saxophone and percussion
Name[x] Sam Robots aka Isabelle Frenchi aka Agent SARZ
Age[x] 15
Date of Birth[x] 26-11-88
Hair colour[x] hot pink/black/purple
Eye colour[x] blue
Height[x] 5'2 maybe 5'3
Bush-Good or Bad[x] bad news
Abortion-Pro-choice, Pro-Birth[x] pro-choice
Gay Marriage-Yay or Nay[x] weee why should anyone be denied rights to persue happyness =( it's sad that president has tried to make an amendment opposing marriges. Tis much too crazy.


 oooooo I love RIVERS!!! <3 @;----- tis a rose :)

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