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Bore.bore.bor. - Put Down Ze Coconut!

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Previous Entry Bore.bore.bor. 01 aoû 2004 @ 05:11 Next Entry
1) Have you ever been to France? No. Spain is kinda close though. :D
2) Parlez-Vous francais? I understand some.
3) What's your favorite thing about France? Hot French guys and pretty places. oooh. and that art museum. Fuck, what was the name.... i know it..
4) Favorite Band? Band? Foo Fighters. Singer? Thalia//Bjork//Alejandro Sanz//Royce da 5'9"
5) Hobbies? Name a Few: Painting. Graphic Design[almost]. reading. video games. Cinema
6) Play an instruments? GO Violin!
Date of Birth[x] 9//18//1988
Hair colour[x] Black. ew.
Eye colour[x]Brown. ew
Height[x] 5'5"
Bush-Good or Bad[x] Ew. bad
Abortion-Pro-choice, Pro-Birth[x] pro-choice. It should be called anti-choice, not pro-birth or pro-life. :P
Gay Marriage-Yay or Nay[x] Nay. Those gays ain't right. ^_~
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