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bored~!~! - Put Down Ze Coconut!

About bored~!~!

Previous Entry bored~!~! 30 juil 2004 @ 04:38 Next Entry
Jessica is bored... so i'm doing these question dealies...

1) Have you ever been to France?yuss! <3
2) Parlez-Vous francais? oui, je parle francais un peu...et tres mal...
3) What's your favorite thing about France? umm... the buildings/architecture. it's so pretty. *_*
4) Favorite Band? Weezer, Kill Hannah, Dir En Grey
5) Hobbies? Name a Few: I sit around the house all day listening to music and making music with my magical clarinet and oboe... occasionally i'll play video games and watch anime. Then i'll go out... which doesn't happen much.
6) Play an instruments? Yeah. Ma clarinette! <3
Name[x] Jessica
Age[x] 15
Date of Birth[x] 15 january 1989
Hair colour[x] right now it's pinkish...
Eye colour[x] blue/green/grey-ish
Height[x] umm short. 5ft 4in. i think. dammit.
Bush-Good or Bad[x] Bush is a fucktard so baddddd.
Abortion-Pro-choice, Pro-Birth[x] I lean towards pro-birth because i'm bitchy but really i'm pro-choice.
Gay Marriage-Yay or Nay[x] YAY!

Yeah. I have nothing more to say... but, I loooovvveee yoouu allll! <3 <3
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Musique actuelle: "crucify my love" [trance remix] ---X Japan
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