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24 déc 2004 @ 04:20

Join today! ♥ka_donk_e

just do it

You fucks. 19 déc 2004 @ 21:12


<3 mmm this stuff is good.

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06 déc 2004 @ 16:24
If you wanna dance and have a little fun, tilt your head this way and search for theawesomest and join right in!

06 nov 2004 @ 20:00
I cannot find a site that sells french clothes for teens and young adults. I need some exapmles of french style and am ready to through this computer out the window.
Hint-French Vouge is of no use to me I mean REAL clothes.
Someone help me out!
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Je nouvelle 15 oct 2004 @ 22:42
1) Have you ever been to France?
No. But I am learning french so I can move there and get away from this horrible country that makes me want to heave.
2) Parlez-Vous francais?
Very very little. I am first year french (first term first month really) and during class I want to cry cause everyone understands it better then I do and behind me all the kids that took french in high school sit and roll their eyes and shake their heads when I don't say the right thing. I want to scream at them "You just treat me like shit cause I'm better looking then you and you are bitter! You will always be a geek, goddamnit! Knowing more then me will never change that. You are emotionally still in high school! I never went so I didn't have the chance to take french for three years so fuck you!"
3) What's your favorite thing about France?
They dress a hell of a lot better and arnt so damn puritan about everything.
4) Favorite Band?
Noir Desir
5) Hobbies? Name a Few: I fence Italian classical (I know why not french right? I'm sorry to say Itialian is better as far as foil goes. It's a real tragedy).
6) Play an instruments? I used to play acoustic guitar when I was 12 but I haven't picked one up in years. I hope to buy a new one and start playing again one day.
Name Wren
Age 21
Date of Birth July 2 1983
Hair colour black (really a redish blond but I dye it. It looks better dark and I can't stand brown hair)
Eye colour grey
Height 5'1 (with shoes. Ha)
Bush-Good or Bad I will run the chimp out of office so help me god.
Abortion-Pro-choice, Pro-Birth Pro choice all the way. if you don;t agree with it don;t do it but others should have the choice to do what they will with their own body.
Gay Marriage-Yay or Nay Yay. As my mother says "There is no reason gay people shouldn't be just as miserable as straight people".
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Other entries

1) Have you ever been to France? No, but I'm going over the summer for ten days in Paris ^_^
2) Parlez-Vous francais? oui je parle francais. je suis un trosieieme (pfft spell) ane. (see i am teh sux)
3) What's your favorite thing about France? The people, food, places, lights...so much.
4) Favorite Band? weezer, kill hannah, thursday
5) Hobbies? Name a Few: French, photography, making movies, staying out late and drinking coffee.
6) Play an instruments? Saxophone and percussion
Name[x] Sam Robots aka Isabelle Frenchi aka Agent SARZ
Age[x] 15
Date of Birth[x] 26-11-88
Hair colour[x] hot pink/black/purple
Eye colour[x] blue
Height[x] 5'2 maybe 5'3
Bush-Good or Bad[x] bad news
Abortion-Pro-choice, Pro-Birth[x] pro-choice
Gay Marriage-Yay or Nay[x] weee why should anyone be denied rights to persue happyness =( it's sad that president has tried to make an amendment opposing marriges. Tis much too crazy.


 oooooo I love RIVERS!!! <3 @;----- tis a rose :)

» Wee

the emo rating community.

» (No Subject)
1) Have you ever been to France? No
2) Parlez-Vous francais? No
3) What's your favorite thing about France? I dont know I havent been there
4) Favorite Band? Pitchshifter
5) Hobbies? Name a Few: Taking care of my fish.
6) Play an instruments? I've been known to pick up the guitar
Name[x] Jeff
Age[x] 18
Date of Birth[x] 1-17-1986
Hair colour[x] Brown--ish
Eye colour[x] Blue
Height[x] Going on 6'1"
Bush-Good or Bad[x] Nah I dont like him
Abortion-Pro-choice, Pro-Birth[x] Pro choice.
Gay Marriage-Yay or Nay[x] Yay!
» Bore.bore.bor.
1) Have you ever been to France? No. Spain is kinda close though. :D
2) Parlez-Vous francais? I understand some.
3) What's your favorite thing about France? Hot French guys and pretty places. oooh. and that art museum. Fuck, what was the name.... i know it..
4) Favorite Band? Band? Foo Fighters. Singer? Thalia//Bjork//Alejandro Sanz//Royce da 5'9"
5) Hobbies? Name a Few: Painting. Graphic Design[almost]. reading. video games. Cinema
6) Play an instruments? GO Violin!
Date of Birth[x] 9//18//1988
Hair colour[x] Black. ew.
Eye colour[x]Brown. ew
Height[x] 5'5"
Bush-Good or Bad[x] Ew. bad
Abortion-Pro-choice, Pro-Birth[x] pro-choice. It should be called anti-choice, not pro-birth or pro-life. :P
Gay Marriage-Yay or Nay[x] Nay. Those gays ain't right. ^_~
» bored~!~!
Jessica is bored... so i'm doing these question dealies...

1) Have you ever been to France?yuss! <3
2) Parlez-Vous francais? oui, je parle francais un peu...et tres mal...
3) What's your favorite thing about France? umm... the buildings/architecture. it's so pretty. *_*
4) Favorite Band? Weezer, Kill Hannah, Dir En Grey
5) Hobbies? Name a Few: I sit around the house all day listening to music and making music with my magical clarinet and oboe... occasionally i'll play video games and watch anime. Then i'll go out... which doesn't happen much.
6) Play an instruments? Yeah. Ma clarinette! <3
Name[x] Jessica
Age[x] 15
Date of Birth[x] 15 january 1989
Hair colour[x] right now it's pinkish...
Eye colour[x] blue/green/grey-ish
Height[x] umm short. 5ft 4in. i think. dammit.
Bush-Good or Bad[x] Bush is a fucktard so baddddd.
Abortion-Pro-choice, Pro-Birth[x] I lean towards pro-birth because i'm bitchy but really i'm pro-choice.
Gay Marriage-Yay or Nay[x] YAY!

Yeah. I have nothing more to say... but, I loooovvveee yoouu allll! <3 <3
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